Nagtel HD IP-PBX

 Nagtel IP PBX comes with 4 FXO or 2 FXO & 2 FXS.
 300 Extensions with one touch Call Forwarding.
 Full HD quality and latest Hybrid Technology.
 Time based Receptionist / Voice Mail / Fax /Internal Extensions, Call Recording with Multi – Lingual IVR.
 Analog / VOIP / Cloud / E1 Trunks. Simple web based setup – No experience required.
 Airtel / BSNL SYNC with Nagtel IP-PBX is possible.
 Upload your own Welcome & VM Prompts. Internal and External extensions available.
 Load your own commercial or music during call hold or transfer with HD playback.
 Works with IP Phone / APPS / Tablets and PC
 You can configure various type of telephone lines in one device. SIP Trunking to save money.